Reports & Briefings

The project will also produce regular briefings covering key aspects of welfare reform as well as producing a final report.

Welfare Trackers Reports

No Light at the End of the Tunnel: tracking the impact of welfare reform across Glasgow Download

Research Briefing No. 1 ‘What’s going on in Glasgow?Download

Research Briefing No. 2  Universal Credit Download

Research Briefing No. 3 Personal Independence Payment  Download

Research Briefing No. 4 Welfare Reform & the impact on families Download

PIP Mythbuster Download

Example of Claimant Committment Form (pdf) Download

Example of JSA Workplan/Diary Download



Reports from other organisations on welfare reform

CommunityWrites 'Health and Welfare in Crisis: How Changes to the Welfare System are Impacting on Addiction Support Services in West Dunbartonshire.'

Using an action research approach, the researchers tracked how changes to the welfare system were impacting on people accessing addiction and mental health services in West Dunbartonshire and how this is affecting service provision. See full report

Inclusion Scotland surveyed hundreds of disabled people and then carried out face to face interviews with some of those affected to find out how UK Government Welfare Reforms were impacting on their lives. See full report

New Policy Institute: The rise of sanctioning in Great Britain. Read more